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Sell Online Photography:
Sell Your Photos through Stock Photography Agencies and Make Money Online

How to make more money online? How about sell online photography? Read this article and discover how to sell your photos through stock photography agencies!

Stock photography can be an excellent revenue generating hobby to your business photography portfolio. If you are able to break into a few of these stock sites or micro-stock sites, your photos can easily sell while you sleep and you will be able to earn money for many years to come.

The key to success in the stock photo industry is selling high-quality images. The high-quality images are always in demand which means that you can earn a lot of money as well.

Sell Online Photography: How to Make Money Selling Stock Photos Online

There is no doubt that the simplest way to make money from photography is to sell stock photos online. You already know what type of images are in high demand in this industry, so you need to focus on providing high-quality images only.

As we said, today it is incredibly easy to sell stock photos online. You don’t need any special camera equipment as long as the photos you submit are of large size, resolution and are high-quality. The exact photo submission guidelines and rules can vary from one agency to another, so it is recommendable to read the rules before you decide to submit your photos to a specific site. Usually, most of the stock photography websites are free to join, so if you have some photos available, you can upload them and wait for money to come into your pocket.

There are no special tips when it comes to how to sell more stock photos online, but there are some general rules you can take into consideration.

You need to determine the typical people who purchase stock photos. These people are usually non-profits, corporations, editorials, advertising agencies, and etc. The best-selling stock photos are usually universally appealing and they can be used in a wide variety of marketing activities and campaigns.

Also, you need to focus on your niche photography subjects. In other words, you need to try and upload stock photos that stick to a specific theme that you think it will be popular in the future.

The Best Stock Photography Websites to Sell Your Photos

Here is a list of the best stock photography websites where you can submit and sell your photos. The websites are listed in no particular order.

  • Shopify
  • Envato Market’s PhotoDune
  • Alamy
  • Crestock
  • 123rf
  • Shutterstock
  • Dreamstime
  • Corbis
  • Getty Images
  • Stockxpert
  • Fotolia
  • Big Stock Photo

Shutterstock is considered to be the best place to sell your photos. Now only it gives you an opportunity to make a huge profit but you will also love the suggested keywords tool. This platform allows you to enter a term or specific phrase to describe the photo you are uploading and chose 3 other similar photos. The suggested keywords tool then suggests lots of related keywords that you can use for your own photo. This tool makes stock photo keywording a little less complicated and boring.

A Final Word

A lot of people would like to know is stock photography worth it? There is no concrete answer to this question as it varies from one person to another. You have nothing to lose and you have an opportunity to make a lot of money. So, go ahead and try. All you have to do is to choose a stock photo website, upload your high-quality photos, and wait.

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